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MBD training

Is there any MBD training offered through siemens? 

Re: MBD training

Siemens has their "Learning Advantage" that has PMI training on it. But we have customized our training based on our MBD standards. There is more to it than just putting the PMI on the model. You have to understand how your downstream applications will utilize the data and comsume it. 

Re: MBD training

I understand that there is more than just PMI and is why I was wondering if there “MBD” training available.

Our customers have really been embracing MBD and we would like to take full advantage of it. But without fully understanding the in's/out's of creating MBD, like the lightweight sectioning with cross sections curves and balloning (which I belive is through a secondary software)  it makes it a little tough. It would be nice if there was some type of training with the do's and don'ts of MBD using NX. If anyone is willing to offer up any documentaion, I will take what ever I can Smiley Wink