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New eBook: The ROI of MBD


New eBook: The ROI of MBD

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone!


There is a new eBook available from Lifecycle Insights I thought many of you would find valuable. The ROI of MBD answers the question that many manufacturers and suppliers ask, which is do Model-Based initiatives provide tangible benefits? The theoretical benefits of saved time and effort, reduced errors, etc. are easy to understand, but does MBD actually result in measurable improvement? 


If your company is considering an MBD strategy but isn't yet sold on the benefits, this may be a good readfor you. 


Click to read The ROI of MBD






Re: New eBook: The ROI of MBD

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

This is a good read for those that are considering adopting MBD as well as those that already have a MBD strategy in place. The report identifies a number of common adoption techiques that can have an impact on a MBD strategy. For example the idea that duplicating drawing-based workflows such as fully annotating a drawing versus partially or minimally annotated. The report highlights the time, effort and benefits of various strategies.


The report also shows that adoption in MBD is increasing steadily. Comparing a 2014 study with the latest findings, Lifecycle Insights shows that the percentage of Model-Based Organizations has grown. Those that are exclusively relying on releasing annotated 3D models has grown from 6% to 12%.


I'll explore the findings in this report along with input I've captured from working with customers in posts to this MBD forum as well as a future NX Design Blog.



Re: New eBook: The ROI of MBD

Very interesting E-Book about MBD.
I have just started to learn more about it as a design engineer.