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On-screen Dialog Enhancements in NX 11.0.1


NX 11.0.1 delivers a number of useful enhancements for NX PMI including usability improvements, enhanced workflows and additional standards coverage. One of the areas we have enhanced is accessibility of additional settings in the dimension on-screen dialog. Specifically we added support for specifying Limits and Fits tolerance types and the display of an extension line for single-sided Arrows Out Diameter dimensions.

NX 11.0.1 provides the ability to change the Limits and Fits tolerance type from Hole to Shaft or Fit directly from the on-screen dialog without the need to access the main Settings dialog for the dimension. This enhancement reduces the number of steps and click count when adjusting settings for Limits and Fits style tolerances on dimensions.


NX 11.0.1 now also provides the ability to display an extension line for single-sided Arrows Out Diameter dimension. This is accessible from the on-screen dialog when creating or editing the dimension.

arrows out.png

The result of these enhancements is improved productivity when accessing settings from the on-screen dialog. I look forward to any feedback you have on these enhancements or suggestions you might have to further enhance NX PMI.



Dave Wingrave

NX Product Manager, Model Based Definition