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Organization of Model Views

We have large castings with many model views already saved in a database as part of the creation of the model. In our MBD Standards we are requiring the original canned views be left alone. With that said as we create our MBD views the list of views on a large part can become extensive. We use "Explicit Sort Order" but it is not ideal. I have not been able to remove the additional saved views and the canned views from the navigator making it easier to work on my MBD data. Is there an enhancement request in this or has someone found a way to only show the views they want to see in the Part Navigator? I have tried to use the Filters but that is a dead end also.

Re: Organization of Model Views and PMI.

What I would do, is to create a new view, or copy an existing view, and then to rename it so that it is easier to recognize it.

Next, you can orient or rotate the view in a way that you would like to see it, and then save it.

After that, every time this view is open, it will be in exact orientation as you have saved it, and it will also contain only those PMI that you want to see.

You can easily manage of the PMI visibility, by selecting in which view or views they will be displayed.

Please see the attached file :

"PMI - Display in Views"

I hope it helps.

Re: Organization of Model Views and PMI.

Thank you for the reply. We essentially do everything you mentioned. We are trying to conform (within reason) to the MIL-STD-31000A (and the ASME standards) and are working toward a full blown MBD model with no drafting sheet. I have attached an image of a Part Navigator from one of our parts and you will be able to see what I'm talking about. Notice at the top of the navigator I have an Explicit Sort Order already applied. The problem with the Explicit Sort Order is the dialog box does not allow the user to drag and drop so one must cut and paste. In all the other Navigator property dialogs the user is able to drag and drop for the order of the columns. And every time the user performs a Save As to create a new MBD view it defaults to the bottom of the list so to stay organized the user has to stop and go resort their Explicit Sort after every view is created. On a simple part it's not an issue but when you have an additional 40 plus views beyond the standard canned views it becomes a pain in the back side.

Re: Organization of Model Views and PMI.

I can see you have some Bended/Folded section views. I would really like to be able to export these type of views to JT. But NX is not able to export bended/folded PMI views to JT.

I am looking for other companies who are interested in exporting Bended/Folded PMI section views to JT.

you can read my enhancement request in the attached PDF




Re: Organization of Model Views and PMI.

Have you tried the "XpresReview" package file.

It lets you to create a light version of your NX CAD file, including your 3D model views ("Jt" format with PMI), as well as your drafting sheets (with title block and all of the relevant information from your drafting views)

You can decide which model, view, or drafting sheet will be included in it, also protect it by password, and e-mail.

Then, the file can be reviewed, marked-up, and sent back.

Everyone with "windows" computer can use it by downloading the free application from Siemens website.​gns/xpresreview/

Re: Organization of Model Views and PMI.

Just to make sure I don't mislead you I did not cut any folded or bent sections. The two sections showing that symbol are standard sections that I created a sketch and chose the material side that I needed. It is not possible in PMI to create a folded/bended section cut. And I believe both section cuts and lightweight section cuts both export via JT.

Re: Organization of Model Views and PMI.
Thanks for the advice. I will look at it. BUT, I wish to go the JT way. We wish to use the JT format as the main neutral format between various applications. NX do not export bendede/folded section views to JT. And I really wish to have this possiblity to have an equivalent 2D and 3D environment. the 2D drawing (PDF) should reflect the 3D JT file. Now I have send in an Enhancement Request to Siemens about it. ER 7579488 Hope you will join me in this request.
Re: Organization of Model Views



Just a couple of suggestions... you can sort model views using drag and drop and then open the Explicit Sort Order dialog to save the order. You can also use Move Up and Move Down buttons to move a single model view or a selected group of model views.

As for Save As new explicit sort order defaulting to the bottom of the list, can you share your thoughts on how you would like to see the function work?

With regards to filtering model views, you can of course remove the canned views, but sounds like you'd like more rules to filter and hide views. One short term suggestion might be to create various sort orders that place views you want to hide at the bottom of the list so they require scrolling. I recommend logging an ER.




Re: Organization of Model Views



Thanks for the suggestions. To be honest I had forgotten about dragging and dropping the views so that saves some time.


With regard to you asking for suggestions I have two and I can write ER's if you think it's worth it or anyone else in the forum agrees. I would like to see the newly "Save As" view drop right underneath the view that the user is copying. As mentioned before when the part has 40 or more views already, scrolling to the bottom every time you "Save As" is a nuisance.


On the filtering front on the top of my head I guess I would like to see "View Sets" expanded so it works more like a grouping of views. I.E. back to the start of this string if I have a large casting model that already has 40 or 50 views before I even start applying PMI then I would like to be able to create a view set or a group of views that allows me to collapse them and not have to continuously have them visible. An example would be (in our case) we leave the canned views alone so they could be grouped together and hidden in that set/group, then all the modeling views grouped together then we can create an explicit sort order for our MBD views as they get created. View sets are very limited in that you can only create them with canned views. If you expanded view sets to allow all created views in them, that would be a good solution.   Thanks


Best Regards,

Re: Organization of Model Views
Sorry missed this after returing from holidays. I think these sound like reasonable requests. When logging ERs please be sure to include the value, use case (the why) to help with prioritization. Thanks!