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PMI Annotation settings


In PMI for Annotation sizes we were maintaining 1 as a default and start creating the views, but based on the model view size need to modify the Annotation sizes either might be downstream or upstream.


Is there any tool to get that changes automatically based on view size.


Re: PMI Annotation settings

Siemens Theorist Siemens Theorist
Siemens Theorist
since NX 10 there is a way to track the settings for the PMI in the model to the drawimg
Menu -> Format -> PMI -> inherit Tracking
So if tracking is set correct, the PMIs on the drawing should come in the right size.
e. ex. if the PMI is set to 2.5 mm height, the size on the drawing will also be 2.5, independent of the viewsize.
(unfortunately this function is currently not working correct with TC environment)

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Re: PMI Annotation settings


We are not discussing on the 2D tracking.


I just provide the example for PMI scenario

we have 4 parts in the first view assembled together and provided the balloons, DImensions with the ext height is 2.5MM.

In the next view we want to provide the details for each individual part then the view size is varies based on size of the part when we provide the dimension and balloon with 2.5 MM it was very big, so we need to modify manually to 1.5MM


Instead of modifying manually is there tool or procedure to adjust the text height or other drafting setting accoring to view size.

Re: PMI Annotation settings


I'm pretty sure you can achieve what you want with the following: File, Utilities, Customer Defaults, PMI, PMI General, Display tab, Resize Options.  Check Resize on View Save, and check Style Setting Relative to Saved View Scale.

Re: PMI Annotation settings

Thanks for reply. We set as per below settings, but we are not able to get the required size balloon and text size was increasing too much.

Re: PMI Annotation settings

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

The size of PMI can be managed in separate ways for a model view. The annotation text settings in the Drafting Preferences sets the default size for all annotation. Start there to set the default size of your annotation.


Next, if you just want to change the size of your PMI so that you can see it in a view, there is a Resize PMI command that may give you what you want. When you click the command, the PMI size is adjusted according to the preference settings located in the Resize Options group on the Display tab in the PMI Preferences dialog box. Depending on which Resize option you choose, the PMI size will adjust accordingly.


NOTE: You must set the Enable Resize option first before you will be able to access any of the other resize options.


Click this link for some additional information about how to use the Resize PMI command:


If you are using NX 11, there is a new command called Reset All PMI that lets you quickly reset PMI to their original default size. Click this link for additional information.