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PMI Balloon size on drawing
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I have a question about PMI and drawings.

When placing a model view with PMI on a drawing, I can change almost all the settings (dimension arrow size, dimension text size, appended text size, weld symbol lettering, etc.). But i have a problem with balloons.

Currently, I control the size of PMI Balloon with Scale Setting. This is OK until I am working only in modeling environment. The problem is, when I place this view with balloons on a drawing sheet. There, those balloons become quite big and I can not change their size. the size of letters does not affect the size of balloons, so I have to change the balloon scale back in the model. Which is OK for a drawing, but now it is not good for a model.

So, is there a better way to control the size of the PMI Balloon?

Or can I change the size of the pmi balloon somehow, when it is placed on a drawing?


I have also attached a movie, to better explain the issue. You can see, that I can change the size of weld symbol by simply changing the text height. I can not do this for balloons.

And when this view is placed on a drawing sheet, I can change the weld symbol again by changing the text height. With balloons, I have a problem.


Thanks for any suggestions about controling the size of the balloons easier.



Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing
Which option you are using to inherit PMI to drawing
Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing

First, drawing is in a new file. Then I use Base View command, I select the view and set the scale and then I select Settings. In settings, I select 'From Model View' option for inheriting the PMI.

But if I select anything else, I still don't know, how to change the size of the balloon. When editing symbol, I can only change the color, the line type and the line width.

Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing
Use the next option alligned to drawing view and the tick the option
inherit from model PMI . This will create the inherited PMI entities whoes
size u can change
Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing
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Well, I have tried with other options, but I can not change the size of PMI balloon.

I have attached another movie, so that you can check my workflow. Maybe I am still doing something wrong. If it would be easier to check this problem, I can upload my NX test files.


Thanks for all the help so far.

Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing
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Hi @SvenBom,

Consider the 'Inherit PMI Trackingcommand in the drafting application. Use appropriate options in the 'Inherit PMI Tracking' depending on the PMI dimensions.annotations that are created in the modeling application. I have attached a short movie for an example.


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Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing

I have tried what you have suggessted in your movie. But there is no difference. Only text is bigger. But I still can not change the size of the balloon (circle).


Did you use scale on PMI Balloons when in modeling? when using this option, the balloons are to big on a drawing. And there is no way to change the size of the balloons. In my moview you can see, that I can change the text height, but I simply can not change the balloon size (the circle).


I have attached the model (assembly and three parts), from which I am doing this drawing. You can try with this one. Assembly file is flange.prt.



Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing

I have used the default NX settings for the balloons in the PMI modeling application and the default scale is 1. Keep the same scale for all the balloons. Did same with the part file provided by you and I do not see nay problem with the balloons when views are created in the drafting.

Testing NX10 | NX11| TC-NX Integration
Teamcenter 11.2 | TC Vis 11.3 | Active Workspace 3.2
Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing

It looks like you have different sized balloons in your model view. Before creating the drawing part, click the Reset All PMI Settings button (PMI tab-->Resize Drop-down-->Reset All PMI Settings).  This will reset the size of all of your PMI to their original setting. Then create the drawing, and all the balloons should come in at a consistent and correct size.

Re: PMI Balloon size on drawing

Yes, it is true, that balloons have different size in this file. You can set the third balloon scale the same as the other two. But the problem will still be there.


The problem is, that I need those balloons to be scaled. Othervise, they are almost  invisible in larger constructions. This is why I have used scale factor.

But then there is a problem with those scaled balloons in a drawing. Those balloons are much to big. And there is no option to scale them just in a drawing.

It is interesting, that I can scale weld symbol in a drawing, but balloon can not be scaled. If I want to change the scale of balloon, I have to go back to modeling. But again, this is not what I want, because making balloons smaller in modeling means, that they will not be visible enough.