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PMI- Commands in NX-8.5

I am working on NX-8.5 integrated with TCE, started using PMI for initial implementation when I turned on PMI getting only few commands in PMI. I am unable to find Dimensions, section views, etc.. let me which setting to make to get all PMI commands.


Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5

I guess your license bundle doesn't have the full version of PMI.
Check with your "IT" person, or contact Siemens to find out if it is included in your license features.

I hope it helps.

Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5
Is it due to your role? Try changing it to advanced
Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5

Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5

I checked all setting still not getting commands, look like license issue let me check with IT


Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5
[ Edited ]

It look in the bundle you have choosen miss the PMI license (as allready written above) It should have geometric_tol - otherwise you cannot run full PMI menus.

if you only run a MACH1 license - then you dont have PMIs.

Or if you have bought seperate PMI licenses like this:

# UG10410             2 NX Product & Mfg Inf      2 geometric_tol

those who use these licenses have to remember to unselect PMI in NX, otherwise they will grab it again next time he starts NX.


Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5

Thank you all selcted correct getting all commands

Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5
Hello Henry, I have selected license bundle as you shown I was working full PMI commands for few months. However now I am not getting full PMI commands even after selecting license bundle (containing geometric_tol)
Re: PMI- Commands in NX-8.5
maybe you could use the lmutil lmstat utility to see who has take it. write in a command prompt: (path to utility)\UGFLEXLM\lmutil lmstat -c (path to licensefile)\UGFLEXLM\licensefilename.lic -f geometric_tol