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PMI/MBD Resource List

We are beginning the PMI/MBD journey at our company.  I have gathered many presentations from PLM events and Google searches.  These presentations are largely about the benefits of the technology and  where companies are at in thier journey. So I'm pretty good on the "why".  I am interested in more resources on the "how".


I was wondering if this group could recommend any resources that focus more on an intro to PMI/MBD, how-to best practices for implementation and application of PMI to models, books, training courses, etc. 


As an example, below is one reference that is farily decent as a very high  level how-to for implementation, but I'm more interested in getting in the meat now.


Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Check out Matt Johnston's (Orbital/ATK) presentation at PLM World 2015.

You'll have to be logged in to get it. 

Navigating the Rough Waters Downstream of Design

He discusses implementation, vendor buy-in and rolling out to internal customers like the shop floor and quality departments.

Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Thanks for the recommendation. I have all the PLM pitches on this topic, including the great work that Matt is doing.  What I am looking for is the next "lower" level of information.  Example would be a user's how-to guide to applying PMI to a model. 


Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Another example.  This in an online course from Purdue, but on the Creo product.  Looking for similar content either on the Siemens platform or CAD-agnostic.


Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

One more example to further explain my interest.  Textbook on Amazon. "Provides CAD format agnostic techniques for compliance with ASME Y14.41 and MIL-STD-31000A Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Technical Data Packages (TDP)"


Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Yes! Matt's use of PMI at Orbital had close support frok Siemens for a custom configuration of VisView that is sent to external sources that need to access the PMI dat in the JT file.

Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Bw aware of MIL-STD-31000A. It defines the model oraganizational schema of MBD data if supplying to the government.

At my compant I have authored a user's guide to NX preferred practices based on 31000.

I will find out how to upload to this site.

Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

I recently trained two groups of users at a local company. One group knew NX drafting well so they got a 1 day immersion in PMI/MBD in NX. They really only needed to learn about annotation planes and the PMI specific notes and object. The non-drafters needed an extra day to get up to speed on documenting the part.


I found the NX tutorials on Learning Advantage to be a great starting point. From here, you can fully document a 3D part in NX. The catch is to what level do you document? Reduced dimension approach can save a ton of time but not all downstream vendors can use reduced dimension datasets as they are using manual mills/lathes for prototype work or small quantities.


JT2Go and 3DPDF measuring tools leave a lot to be desired so for deep interrogation of the CAD model, you need CAD. For those small vendors or for simple parts, full 3D PMI/MBD may still be needed just so the parts can be fabricated.


Bryan Fischer at Advanced Dimensional Management has a CAD agnostic MBD program. I don't know anything about it as yet but I'm going to get a trial. 3d-gdt-application-and-editing-with-ida-step-gdt-editor. Looks interesting but, it throws another piece of software in the mix.

Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Great feedback - thank you.  Would certainly be interested in any "homegrown" user-guides the community would be able to share.  I also found that Jennifer Herron at Action Engieering is the author of the book I referenced above.  They appear to offer training as well.   Has anyone in the group engaged them?


Re: PMI/MBD Resource List

Attached is a document I published in my organization to define preferred NX practices for MBD presentation in the NX model.

I hope you can access the document. I had to block out some internal company information.