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Painted / Masked MBD models


Hello everyone,


I wonder if any of you work with painted/masked models in MBD and if so, how do you do this?


We often need to make design documentation of how we paint and mask our products. When transferring to a MBD work methodology, the goal is to adapt the painting instructions to 3D. Unfortunately I have not found a smooth way to do this yet in NX9.


I've tried a bit with the commando Region, but my problem is that I often want a combination of specific (divided) surfaces and natural (complete) surfaces to be painted/masked. I can only make Regions as long as they are rectangular, circular, annular, cylindrical or arbitrary (complete surfaces), but not if I have for example an oval fitting hole that I need to mask (washer surface of hole), or another irregular surface that is not geometrically distinguished in the 3D-model. The commando Divide Face is only working in part models I think? But we often paint assembly models.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

// Jessica  


Re: Painted / Masked MBD models


The only way currently is to divide face or extract a face and trim. Neither are acceptable solutions and Siemens needs to provide better tools to address this gap. Please fill out a GTAC ticket and tell them you want an Enhancement to address this need. The more folks that ring the GTAC bell, the more likely this gets on a list and will get worked.

We've raised this issue in recent TRBs at the company I work for. The requirements are obvious, and the PMI team need only look as far as traditional 2D drawings to understand how the current PMI tools need work to fulfill this definition using 3D definition.


Regards, Les

Re: Painted / Masked MBD models

This is an interesting topic. And I dont have any clue how to solve it. :-( Siemens should come up with a solution as Les mention. Its probably not only a paint/mask problem. I could imagine other scenarios where it could be relevant. like surface treatment in common or CAM where you want to tell something about a certain area (which is not traditionally describable shapes), with a PMI. maybe on the same surface there are more treatments - but in separate steps. So, there would be a treatment 1, 2, 3. but not necessary exactly in same area (maybe thats what you mean with your mask). Hope you send in an Enhancement Request (PR->ER). Could you add the PR (ER) number here so that I could refer to it later.