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RE: Model View and PMI Navigation Enhancements in NX 11.0.1


I agree with JTMeeks.  The goal is not to duplicate what has always been done on traditional 2D drawing but rather maximize utilization of the 3D model and PMI.  Need to rethink what constitutes a great Model Based Definition (MBD) in this relatively new 3D medium.  Siemens can take the lead in reinventing how product definition is authored, visually consumed and machine consumed if they recognize that no one yet has the recipe.  The industry standards are very important, but lack imagination relative to making the most of the 3D definition.  PMI should be usable at every point in the design and manufacturing process including analysis, process modeling, CAM, inspection, tolerance analysis and lifecycle change processes.

Siemens needs to buy BCT and make CN numbers a fully integrated part of NX.  The CN number provides a universal identity that supports communication across organizational teams like engineering, manufacturing and quality.  It is a key part of MBD.  The gaps and challenges in the current partner arrangement are not working well.

Need bi-directional discovery of PMI and face relationships including datums.  Need sematic checking of PMI authoring in real time, not post creation in Check-Mate.  Need the PMI and NXCMM packages to be complimentary.  Everything that is authored with correct face references should be consumable in NXCMM.  A test in NX that reports PMI that is not consumable in NXCMM would be very useful to help users learn proper PMI authoring techniques.


Re: RE: Model View and PMI Navigation Enhancements in NX 11.0.1

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Siemens Valued Contributor


Thanks for your feedback and input. Per my response to JTMeeks, I completely agree that a Model Based Definition strategy should not be to duplicate the traditional 2D drawing approach, but rather maximize data reuse and consumption downstream. The NX PMI solution has provided support for the flow down and direct reuse of the knowledge digitally captured within the model for well over a decade. We can always do more and we will; however, if you are not already aware I would encourage you to learn more about what downstream consumers are available including VSA leveraging the NX PMI data available in JT for direct use in Variation Analysis. NX CMM automates inspection programming and leverages PMI to automatically create inspection features, inspection tolerances and inspection probe paths. NX CAM offers PMI Driven Machining" by selecting the correct machining process and tools depending on the machining feature.


It’s not clear to me from your statements on BCT and the partnership, specifically what your concerns are. Please contact me directly or feel free to share in this forum.


Lastly you have identified a number of suggested investments across multiple use cases. Please share additional details by way submitting ERs through GTAC or in this forum where others can comment. Thanks

Re: RE: Model View and PMI Navigation Enhancements in NX 11.0.1


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Re: RE: Model View and PMI Navigation Enhancements in NX 11.0.1

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