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Retained PMI


Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone else utilizing PMI to document GDT is encounter the same issue we are at GM when we up rev our math files to the next revsion. Most or all of the associated PMI goes ends up in the Retained folder. We can range anywhere from 15 PMI callouts to over a 1000 depending on the file. We are spending a lot of non-value added time going back to fix these Retained PMI. Anyone seeing this?


Re: Retained PMI


We also have this problem at FCA.  Any suggestions for a solution would be much appreciated.

Re: Retained PMI

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Siemens Phenom
Which (exact) versions of NX and Tc are you both using and do either of you know if this problem has been reported to GTAC?

Regards, Ben

Re: Retained PMI


Yes the issue has been submitted via GTAC as well as interanally. We are running NX9 and TC 10. Glad to hear we are not the only ones.

Re: Retained PMI

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Siemens Valued Contributor

@GM1, @Brian_Funtik:

I hate seeing the words "it depends" for answers like this, but in this case, a lot will depend on the overall workflow you use to define your PMI models.

I assisted a simlar issue at a large customer a couple years back.

This pariticular customer has a very mature and well-defined set of methods for applying PMI to their Powertrain models, and they were getting a lot of Retained when the Engine Block and Cylinder Head was rev'ed.

Their particular methods involve some "interesting" use of Assemblly structures, WAVE, etc... and are probably nothing I'd recommend in general, but it works well for them (and at the base is still the generic PMI functionality for the most part).

In their case it turned out the user was violating some of their own internal methods/rules because he did want to "take the time" to do the proper re-map their process required, for the WAVE piece (he did not seem to realize he was going to take a week to re-attached all the PMI, after having "saved" a few hours upfront).

The be fair, there were some issues that took "too much time" for some of his work, that he was trying to avoid, but that particular step was improved by a factor of ~10x during one of the 10.0.x patches, so that helped his case also.

I obviously can't give enough detail in a short post to describe everything invovled, nor, as I said, are the specific details anything I'd recommend outside this particular customers "constraints".

Further I obviously know what methods you are using, now, so cannot recommend areas to "change".

But my point is that there are customers in your industry doing this successfully, but a key for them is that they have a specific set of methodologies that they have developed to help them do it.

It might be worth having your local Siemens support folks get in contact so we can discuss some of it "offline" and see if there are any subsets of the process that might help you out.