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Retained PMI

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone else utilizing PMI to document GDT is encounter the same issue we are at GM when we up rev our math files to the next revsion. Most or all of the associated PMI goes ends up in the Retained folder. We can range anywhere from 15 PMI callouts to over a 1000 depending on the file. We are spending a lot of non-value added time going back to fix these Retained PMI. Anyone seeing this?

Re: Retained PMI

We also have this problem at FCA.  Any suggestions for a solution would be much appreciated.

Re: Retained PMI
Which (exact) versions of NX and Tc are you both using and do either of you know if this problem has been reported to GTAC?

Regards, Ben
Re: Retained PMI

Yes the issue has been submitted via GTAC as well as interanally. We are running NX9 and TC 10. Glad to hear we are not the only ones.