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Revolved section views in PMI
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I am facing some issues with revolved section views created in PMI using section view option. If I create revolved section view in drafting side that will be projected to 2D and while in PMI it won't be the Same. So I am unable to create some dimensions like diameter in PMI .
Re: Revolved section views in PMI

Revolved Sections are not allowed in the ASME Y14.41-2012 Standard, Digital Product Definition Data Practices, (Mandatory Appendix I, Section 3.6(b)(6)) and ASME Y14.3-2012 Standard, Orthographic and Pictorial Views, (Section, and as such, 3D Revolved Sections aren't supported in PMI to my knowledge.


I am curious though, can you provide some information about why you need a Section View to define a Diameter?  Doesn't the 3D Geometrical Topography of the Model define the Basic Diameter?  If you need to apply some tolerance, wouldn't it be better to apply an appropriate GD&T FCF to the applicable surface on the model?


You can apply Profile Tolerance controls on diametral features...


Hope that helps.  If I'm missing the mark, please explain with some more detail (if possible, a picture is worth a thousand words Smiley Happy) so I'll be able to better understand your issue.

Re: Revolved section views in PMI
Actually we are working based on client requirements. They have provided reference drawing in which revolved section views are used. Actually in that revolved section view different dimensions are there including diametrical dimension. Among thome I am not able to create diametrical dimension alone. Sorry to inform you that I am not allowed to share any photos regarding my work.
Thank you
Re: Revolved section views in PMI

@JTMeeks is right. You can refer the standard ASME Y14.41-2012 or ISO 16792. Lot of depend upon what is your intent/ design requirement. It's always good to ensure the clarity about it. Even your client must have following some standard. You should talk to them and have the clear picture about it. Smiley Happy

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Re: Revolved section views in PMI

A revolved section view is a drawing convention introduced to reduce the number of views on a drawing sheet and/or drawing package. The geometry in a view is distorted to display sections on either side of a axis. As has been mentioned by others this is not supported by 3D Annotation Standards; however, the result can be acheived in 3D by creating two individual planar section views.

I understand you are not able to show customer data, but perhaps if you are able to provide a simplified example of the dimension you are not able to produce we can offer some advice.   

Re: Revolved section views in PMI
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I would suggest to enhance NX to be able to create revolved PMI section views. one suggestion could be a wizard which produce two box views - which can be alligned on the 2D drawing. Maybe the PMI revolved section view should be created on the 2D drawing - deriving the 3D revolved PMI Box views in Model mode.
Re: Revolved section views in PMI

Thanks Henrik. As you know I’m always open to listen to input; however, I am reluctant to invest in enhancements that appear to solely mimic drawing-based workflows. A revolved section view seems to fall into this category; however, if you or anyone else can help to convince me why this is important and how it supports your Model Based Definition strategy I am certainly open to listen. Thank you.