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Scope of PMI
Hi all,
I would like to know more about the scope of PMI.
Re: Scope of PMI

Happy to help, but can you be a little more specific in terms of what it is you want to know.

Re: Scope of PMI
I would like to know how it works in CAM.
Re: Scope of PMI

At a high level, PMI on a NX model impacts the necessary machining processes and tools per feature by selecting the correct machining process and tools depending on the machining feature. Automatic recognition is provided for the following PMI objects and attributes.


  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Surface finish
  • Face attributes
  • Feature colors
  • Thread information such as type, pitch, length, etc.

If you are interested in learning more I might recommend you contact you local SPLM office and request a demonstration.




Re: Scope of PMI

Dave, perhaps Siemens could host an online seminar with a question and answer capacity on this subject.


I don't see how PMI, as you've stated, could definitively "select the correct machining process and tools" by automatically recognizing features based on your list of Feature PMI Objects and Attributes you've provided below.


I definitely don't comprehend how the color of a Feature could in anyway determine the "correct machining process to utilize.

Re: Scope of PMI

To a large extent, the PMI is utilized by "Feature Based Machining" (AKA "FBM") (rather than manual NC programming methods)

FBM uses a whole bunch of rules to translate from geometry (and PMI) to machining processes.

Look for FBM info in the "NX Manufacturing" area on this community.


Why color?

Because some companies find it easier to color different faces of a solid to determine machining processes in FBM (i.e. green faces are +/-.001, white faces are +/-.005)

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