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Tolerance stack up using PMI

Hi all,

 Is it possible to perform tolerance stack up analsyis in model itself using PMI dimensions and GD&T .


Thanks , 


Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI



I have asked the same question in another NX Forum. I wanted to know if there is some kind of an "Envelope around Tolerance Stack-up" Feature, much like a clearance analysis. At that time the answer was no.


Happy to know more about the current versions of NX as well





Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI
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Not in NX that I know of.  In the Old I-Deas software we had a 2D tolerance stack analsyis.  Siemens does offer the VSA.  It is an extra license and cost and works with visview I think.  I would like to know more about how this works and how it functions.

Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI

VSA is the answer to your question. You can load a NX database with PMI applied into TcVis via VSA/Technomatics and utilitize the PMI. There is a bit of a learning curve like with any software but it will allow you to monte carlo stackups and make easy quick changes with quick results. Hope that helps. Siemens offers training and there are other resellers that offer training as well.

Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI

In one of the document it is mentioned that tolerance analysis can be perofrmed , but how to do that is not explained.

Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI

I remember something years ago when we switch to NX from I-Deas there was a tolerance stack function.  But when NX went to 64 bit this functionality was not updated to work on a 64 bit system.  But My memory about this could be fading also about this.  Good topic.

Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI

There are two apps for NX that can use PMI and GD&T to do stack ups. 


3DCS and VisVSA, as previously mentioned. I know 3DCS is integrated, so it is activated as a workbench right on your model. 


Here's a quick link if you want to learn more -

Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI

TSV (tolerance stack-up validation) was there in NX (cannot remember till what version it was supported but i guess NX8/8.5 was the last supported version and that too with an env variable).

Now we have VSA or the variational stack-up analysis  which can work on the PMI attached to the model.

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Re: Tolerance stack up using PMI

TSV was there till NX 8 which was then replaced with 'Variation Analysis' (known as VSA) and it supports on 64-bit windows platform.

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