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Unable to edit cad model by PMI Dimensions

I have created cad model in nx-8.5 and added PMI dimensions (didnt converted sketch dimensions to PMI). When tried to change the cad model thru PMI dimensions getting edit dimension in dialogue box like drafting. How to make PMI dimensions driving dimensions for model.

Re: Unable to edit cad model by PMI Dimensions

From my understanding, the purpose of PMI dimensions is to clarify the product (model) and its design information for manufacturing or inspection purposes.

The only way which I tried before it was to display the sketch or feature dimensions as PMI. Then, you can edit them like driving dimensions.


The easiest way is:

  • From the part navigator, right click on the sketch or feature, and pick "Show Dimensions'
  • Next, select the dimension or dimensions that you want to edit.
  • Right click, and select "Display as PMI"

To hide the rest of dimensions, right click in the empty model space, and select "Refresh", or press F5.


Now, you can edit those PMI dimensions in order to modify the model.

Those dimensions will stay in the modeling view, so you can also edit their properties or bring them to drafting.

If you no want to turn them off:

  • Right click on the specific dimension, and from the list uncheck "Display as PMI".


Re: Unable to edit cad model by PMI Dimensions

Lezajsk21294 is correct, only sketch and feature dimensions displayed as PMI are available for edit. All other dimensions are driven. If you want to edit feature dimensions from Drafting you'll need to toggle on the Customer Default "Allow PMI Bidirectional Edits".



Re: Unable to edit cad model by PMI Dimensions

Thanks for the answers