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Wish to be able to make Folded/Bended section views that can be exported to JT


When we create good old fashion 2D drawings, then we use Folded Section views (as it is called in NX drafting)  foldedsection2.png. Thats an effective way to communicate.

I can create a Bended Section View in PMI which do the trick BendedSection.png

But I cannot export Bended Section Views to JT. Why do it want that?

I dont think we can move away from our 2D drawings in a near future, and we want to move to towards PMIs. But we want to have allignment between the 2D and 3D environment.

I can add my PMI views on the 2D drawing. I can make JT commands (jtcmd://) on the PDF which opens the individual PMI views (very effective).

I could add 3-4 standard PMI section views instead of one Folded Section view, but I find it tidious and timeconsuming. It should be faster and more effective - instead of slower and difficulty to overview.

I have suggested Siemens to enhance NX to be able to export PMI Folded Section Views to JT and I need your companies help to push them in that direction. I hope you will support us.

I have proposed a solution to Siemens which gather and allign PMI BOX views (ordinary PMI Lightweight Section View) to be able to put on the 2D drawing and at the same time export it to JT.


See my attached suggestion to ER7579488 here below.


What is your opinion?