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About selection nx dialog

I want to select any point on face.I have used following code,which invokes a selection dialog as shown in attached image,

Code Implemented->

int resp = 0;
NXOpen.Tag theView = NXOpen.Tag.Null;
UFUi.SelInitFnT mask_face = MaskForFace;
Tag facetag = Tag.Null;
IntPtr select_ = new IntPtr();
double[] pt = new double[3];
theUFSession.Ui.SelectWithSingleDialog("Surface Point", "Surface Point"", UFConstants.UF_UI_SEL_SCOPE_ANY_IN_ASSEMBLY, mask_face, select_, out resp, out facetag, cp, out theView);
if (resp == UFConstants.UF_UI_OBJECT_SELECTED || resp == UFConstants.UF_UI_OBJECT_SELECTED_BY_NAME)
AskPosOnObj(facetag, cp);
theUFSession.Disp.SetHighlight(facetag, 0);


I would like to remove Name Filter From Nx Dialog.OR is it possible to hide Name window?

Is there any way to select point on face without invoking nx diaolog?

Please find attached snapShot.