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Access UF from NX OPEN - JAVA

Hi there,

how can I use


within JAVA ?


Right now I am using



    nxopen.UFSession ufs = (nxopen.UFSession)nxopen.SessionFactory.get("UFSession");, xt_file_path);


However there does not seem to be a JAVA implementation for export_linked_data which I need to use in order to set a parasolid version for export.


Thanks in advance !


Re: Access UF from NX OPEN - JAVA

Some UF functions are not wrapped in NXOpen because they contain unions which do not translate well.

However, UF_PS_export_linked_data() does not seem to reference any unions, so it should be wrapped I would have thought. It looks like this is an omission.

Your best bet is to open and IR with GTAC.

Graham Inchley Snr R&D Engineer (Systems Development), Sandvik Coromant
Lenovo ThinkPad W540, Win7, 16GB. Developing in: Java | C | C# | KF
Production: NX8.5.3.3 MP11 64bit Testing: NX9.0.2.5

Re: Access UF from NX OPEN - JAVA

In the NX API documentation, there is a list of "Non-wrapped NX Open C functions"

but the function UF_PS_export_linked_data is not listed.


Either the documentation is wrong or, like Graham already told you, this is a Siemens omission.

I also recommend you to contact GTAC.