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Add UDO in FemPart



As many new developers, I'm facing problems with UDO. First I explain the context, the I show a piece of code.


I want to create a Multiphysic driver, and do my own dialogs in order to apply some filtering in the options available when (for example) you define a material's property.


Because when you are working in a FEM part is not possible to access to the SolverProperty of the current solution, the advice that I received was to create an UDO in the FemPart.


Here you will see the code to create the UDO, but seems is not attached to the FemPart:


void DialogMP::loadConfiguration(NXOpen::CAE::FemPart* femPart)

UserDefinedClass* theMPUDOclass;

// MP_UDO class was created in the ufsta() DLL entry point
theMPUDOclass = theSession->UserDefinedClassManager()->GetUserDefinedClassFromClassName("MP_UDO");

UserDefinedObjectManager* udoManager = femPart->UserDefinedObjectManager();

// Creating a new UDO
UserDefinedObject* myUDO = udoManager->CreateUserDefinedObject(theMPUDOclass);

vector<UserDefinedObject*> udos = udoManager->GetUdosOfClass(theMPUDOclass);

// Why vector is empty?
cout<<udos.size()<<" this is 0"<<endl;



Why udos vector is always empty? I expected to have one new object every time I execute this method.


Does UserDefinedObjectManager::CreateUserDefinedObject (that belongs to a FemPart) associate the UDO with the FemPart automatically?


Could someone give me orientation about this? I read the forum for other UDOs questions and the NX help, but still not clear for a newbie.



Thanks for your time.


Re: Add UDO in FemPart

For the first time, you should create your class and put the permission to on to be able to query the class from its name afterwards:


udClass = m_session->UserDefinedClassManager()->CreateUserDefinedObjectClass(name, friendlyName);