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Add objects to the model

Hi everyone!


Is there an analogue of the Delete List, but to add objects to the model? If not, what would be the way to go? Thank you.




P.S. by the delete list I mean the one that is used here: theSession.UpdateManager.AddToDeleteList(obj);



Re: Add objects to the model

To add objects to a file, they either need to be created in the file, or imported from a different file (or, similarly, exported from another file to the target file).

Re: Add objects to the model

Why are you asking this?

What are you trying to achieve?


When you create objects, they get created.  No need to add to a list to create "again"


The issue with deletion (or at least one of them) is when looping thru objects, and picking some to delete, you can't delete them while you are in the loop (it hoses up the looping).  So you add items to a "delete list" in the loop, then (when the loop is done), delete them.



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