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Adding bodies to Kinematic Configurator


Hello everyone,


I am trying to add bodies to the tool-nocut-component in the machine tool builder.

I started recording a journal to get a rough overview what is needed.

Everything works fine so far, i just have a problem in understanding the behaviour of:


I have two bodies which I want to identify by name, because they are both named "NOCUT".

When I record the journal this code is the result:

Dim body1 As Body = CType(workPart.Bodies.FindObject("UNPARAMETERIZED_FEATURE(3)"), Body)


Dim body2 As Body = CType(workPart.Bodies.FindObject("UNPARAMETERIZED_FEATURE(1)"), Body)


This will result in showing two bodies when selecting the non_cutting part in the machine tool builder


I changed to code to cycle through all bodies with the name "NOCUT":

For Each bbody As Body In theSession.Parts.Work.Bodies
            Dim aBodyTag As Tag = Tag.Null
            theUfSession.Obj.CycleByNameAndType(displayPart.Tag, "NOCUT", UFConstants.UF_solid_type, True, aBodyTag)
            If Not aBodyTag = Tag.Null Then
                BodyNoCut = CType(theSession.GetObjectManager().GetTaggedObject(aBodyTag), Body)
                Exit Sub
            End If

This will result in showing one body when selecting the non_cutting part in the machine tool builder,

but it will show the correct two bodies when i am retrieving the tool from the database in CAM.


Shouldn't be the result the same? And if not, how can I change to code to display the selected parts correctly in the machine tool builder?


Thanks for your help!


Re: Adding bodies to Kinematic Configurator

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

1) I would report to GTAC - it may be a bug if both bodies have the same name


2) I would try a test - try naming the bodies "NOCUT1", "NOCUT2", etc.
Then loop thru, but build the name to search for on-the-fly, and add them.  - see if this works better.


if (2) works correctly, you have a solution (maybe not one you want, but it is a solution)



Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: Adding bodies to Kinematic Configurator




I just made this test, I renamed all the bodies to NOCUT0, NOCUT1 etc. in the same loop, just before adding them. Now both bodies will be shown if I select the NON_CUTTING part at the machine tool builder.


Good Idea! Haven't thought about rename.

Thanks alot!