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Apply Robotic Rules

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Hi there,


I have a problem to apply robotic rules. I programmed a .dll in C# which I start in NX (Strg.+U).

There I change some robotic rules like the robot configuration. But I can't figure out how to apply them.


So there is the python file: "". Is it possible to execute it? I've tried the following without success:


System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("C:\\Program Files\\Siemens\\NX 10.0\\UGII\\run_journal.exe", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Siemens\\NX 10.0\\MACH\\resource\\robots\\\"");


In the command window appears:

"Journal execution results for C:\...\

Execution was successful."


But it seems that nothing happend in NX. Do you have any ideas for me?


Best regards



Edit: Or is it possible to press a menubutton? I can find the button with:


NXOpen.MenuBar.MenuButton menubutton = theUI.MenuBarManager.GetButtonFromName("UG_CAM_ROBOTIC_APPLY_RULES");


But is there a way to "press" the button?




Re: Apply Robotic Rules

Noone any idea?


So another way I tried is to import IronPython to my project and execute the Python-Skript. I do it with the following code:


var engine = Python.CreateEngine();
var paths = engine.GetSearchPaths();
paths.Add(@"C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 10.0\UGII\python");
engine.ExecuteFile(@"C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 10.0\MACH\resource\robots\");


But then I get this Error:

"No module named NXOpen"


Am I missing another path?