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Assembly drawing automation




I have an assembly 12 sheet assembly drawing with every type of information in it (Dimensions, GD&T, Notes, Welding signs, tables etc.), and i want to automate it. For this, i envisage 2 options;


1- To have a template, that is, to create the assembly model in Teamcenter first, then create an assembly drawing that is associated with this model, and when a new design is needed,

  • Save as (Clone) the template assembly
  • Make changes by updating expressions
  • update the drawing
  • status the parts and the drawing

Can this drawing update be done with Coding? When something is added, is it possible that a code would go and find the missing dimensions, GD&T and whatever, and put them in? Could it be that smart?


2- Second method is to create everything from scratch. I know the assembly model can be created with some sort of a Journal, but to date, i have not seen a code that can generate a drawing from scratch, unless it is a very simple drawing like a prismatic shape.

I am talking about many sheets of drawing with GD&T and tables, and notes and a lot of stuff. Could you share your views?