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Assign a material to a mesh

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Hi everybody, 


I would like to assign a material directly to a mesh (and not a mesh collector). 

I tried different ways but none worked. 


With MaterialOptions:

MaterialOptions newMatOp =vfemPart.NewMaterialOptions();
newMatOp.Material = physicalMaterial1;
newMatOp.MaterialInherited = false;
meshLast.ElementPropertyTable.SetPhysicalMaterialPropertyValue("material", newMatOp);


With SetMaterialProperty value

meshLast.ElementPropertyTable.SetMaterialPropertyValue("material", false, physicalMaterial1);\


They both end up with the error : "A Property with this name could not be found". 


I checked the name of the properties defined in the ElementPropertyTable, and there is no material defined, but I want to create one. 


As the SetMaterialPropertyValue exists, I guess it is possible to assign material. 


Someone knows how to do ? 

Thank you