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Automatic update of NX

What is your procedure to automatically upgrade NX?


I have about 15 clients.  I am currently downloading any patches/releases to a network server, then having them click a link I created to install from that download.  A big problem I have seen, however, is that if you don't download the patches/releases directly to the client, they sometimes corrupt during install over the network.  


I am looking for a way to automate the upgrade process via scripting or another method since NX has no auto-upgrade feature (LAME!!).  I still can't believe how archaic this upgrade process is consdering NX is supposed to be a high end software.  Any advice you have is much appreciated.


Re: Automatic update of NX

I have faced the similar problem before and still wonder if it is NX issue or OS issue.

However whenever I installed the patches from my local machine I never faced any problem.

Possibly you could use a batch to copy the updates temporarily to local machine and run the update from there.

Re: Automatic update of NX

I had simular issue when installing NX9 on Windows 2012R2 server. The base install is no problem but the MR/MP does not install properly.

Turns out McAfee antivirus blocked a lot of file while copying over the network.

Close the antivirus on the machine until reboot might help