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Automatically starting UGOpen program in NX


I have a UGOpen program written in C++ that I would like to load when I start NX 9.01.  This DLL also has a menu and some buttons on the UI Ribbon.


Today, I have to do File/All Applications/MyUGOpenDLL    to make it load.  After this, I can then click on the buttons or go to Menu/MyUGOpenDLL/SomeCommand1 and run the new commands.


Is there a way to automatically load the UGOpen DLL at NX startup so I don't have to do all those extra clicks at startup?


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Re: Automatically starting UGOpen program in NX

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Go somewhere convenient and create a folder named 'startup' and in this folder place your dll's.


Now set the following enviroment variable:


UGII_USER_DIR=<full path to the folder in which you placed the 'startup' folder>


The above path does NOT include the 'startup' folder just to the last folder in the path BEFORE the 'startup' folder.

John R. Baker, P.E. (ret)
EX-Product 'Evangelist'
Irvine, CA

Re: Automatically starting UGOpen program in NX


Couldn't you also edit the "custom_dirs.dat" file under "%UGII_BASE_DIR%/menus" to include the path to the startup folder directory?

Re: Automatically starting UGOpen program in NX

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

custom_dirs.dat is one of the many options to specify a "vendor" folder.


If you check ugii_env_ug.dat for the file, you will notice that there are more variables to specify such locations and with some you also implement some levels, like site, department/group or user.

Stefan Pendl, Systemmanager CAx, HAIDLMAIR GmbH
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