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Batch file error UFUN 949904


I have a .bat file that used to work but now gives out error 'failed to initialize UFUN 949904'.
This journal batch file is supposed to go into NX parts in the background and open one .vb file to get data from those parts.
The file used to work so maybe something got misplaced. Have you ever encountered it?


Re: Batch file error UFUN 949904

Stefan_Pendl 3rd Gear
3rd Gear

Your batch session creates a NX syslog, so that will contain more information about what function failed.

It would also be good to know the exact NX release you are using.

The error messages are not very helpful without the syslog either.

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Re: Batch file error UFUN 949904

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The error message for 949904 is "

NX License Error:  License Server machine is down or not responding. Check that SPLM_LICENSE_SERVER is set correctly.


Re: Batch file error UFUN 949904

This got me back on track, thank you!