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Big timing difference when running with or without GUI (not display, but GUI)

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Dear all,


I've noticed a huge difference in time when I run my code with or without GUI.

The overall timing goes from 400 seconds without GUI to 2000 seconds with GUI. 


To explain, the context, I created the GUI using Block UI Styler. Then I used the callback to execute my code.


From the first fonction :

extern "C" DllExport void ufusr(char *param, int *retcod, int param_len)

I consider the case where there are some parameters.

For this case, I loop over a list of test cases and for each test case I create a new part, run my CAD code, save and close the part.


In case there is no parameter, I show the GUI. When the user clicks on apply, I check the options and then run the CAD code.


It's exactly the same code that is run, the display is shown in both cases.

The only difference is showing the GUI or not and 1600 secondes spent somewhere in the GUI.


So my questions are : is that normal ? What can I do to reduce this difference of time ?


Thanks a lot for your help