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Blank pages in NX/Open and SNAP Reference Guides

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This has been asked (and answered) a few times recently, but the answers are buried in long threads on unrelated topics. This is an attempt to make the info easier to find ...


The full information about the NX/Open and SNAP APIs is in their Reference Guides, which you can find by starting here.


Prior to NX12, these were both CHM documents, which often cause trouble because of Microsoft's security concerns. First, you can't read them across a network, so you have to download them to your own computer. Second, you may find that the right-hand pane in the display is blank. The most common fix for this problem is to right-click on the CHM file, choose the Properties tab, and click in the "Unblock" check-box in the lower-right corner. In some cases, even this doesn't fix things. For more details, see here, or just Google for "CHM file appears blank".