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Block Styler - Reset Selection Block





Shown above is part of interface. I need to add multiple points and orientations. Once point and orientation are specified, 'Add' Button will add this info internally into arraylist. At this point I want 'Specify Point' to be reset i.e without any selected points.  How to do that?   Thanks in advance.


Re: Block Styler - Reset Selection Block

Set an empty vector of object into the block.



Re: Block Styler - Reset Selection Block

You could use a SetList block to show the contents of your array in the dialog. The dialog callbacks will take care of populating the data in the seed blocks based on which line of the list is selected or if a new on is to be created.

Re: Block Styler - Reset Selection Block

I have already tried this. the following empty vector assignment throws Nullreference exception error.  Any other way?

TaggedObject[] emptyVectors = null;
PtBlkProp.SetTaggedObjectVector("SelectedObjects", emptyVectors);

Re: Block Styler - Reset Selection Block

This is no empty array, it is a null array.

How about using:

TaggedObject[] emptyVectors = {};

In C this was creating an empty array with a memory reference, if I remember correctly, don't know about C++/C#.

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Re: Block Styler - Reset Selection Block

That worked. Thanks Buddy.