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Block Styler Set List C# Help



i need some help to create a Setlist.


I created a Setlist with the Block UI Styler and also created a Seed dlx File for the Set List (Curve Collector). 

Now i want to implement the .dlx into Seeder. 

I want to use the SetSeed Function.

But i'm not able to do this because the Function is internal protected.


How do i set the Seed ? when i type NXOpen.BlockStyler.SetList. there is no SetSeed.

See attached File.


i hope that anybody can help meSmiley Happy




Re: Block Styler Set List C# Help

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

See the block specific properties table for SetList in the online help. Note that the SeedDlxFile property can only be set at creation (value in the Access Colums is "C"). This means it must be set in the Block Styler itself, not via code.

Re: Block Styler Set List C# Help


Although @JimB is correct, you can only set the seed at design time, your source code image shows that you would not see a SetSeed method even if there was one. You are trying to use it from the class not your instance of it which would not work. What you should do is first set your 'mySeeder' variable to an instance of SetList and then:



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