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Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

Hi All Smiley Happy 

i need some Help with my c# code and hope that sombody could help me Smiley Happy


I want to create  a UI with the Block Styler.

The idea is to select multiple Curves (Splines) and then list their Parents (Features) automatically by pressing an Action Button in a ListBox.


1. Which Function could i use to select all Parents of the Spline. I tried with AskObjectFeature(), but the method is only to get one Feature:/ Is there any alternative ?

2.How do i list for example all selected Curves (or their Parents) from the Curve Selector in a List Box ? Is there a Function which i could use ? Because all the Methods i would use are protected Internal :/

3. i created a Tagged Object where i saved all selected Curves from the Curve Selector. Is there a posibility to get the Strings (Names) of the Curves in the Tagged Object ? i tried with .toString but i always get an error message.


thanks for every answer Smiley Happy




Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

Try using 'UF_SO_ask_parents(...) function to get the parent objects.


You can populate the list box by the tags.  Use curve.tag.toString method.  If the curves have names use method.

Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

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Hi Technisites,

thanks for your answer and help.


Get Parents objects :

I have some Problems with the AskParents Method.

What is the meaning of the int options in the Declaration Sytax.

When i use the AskParents Method i get a Null Reference Exception. I think because of the wrong usage of the int Options.

could you give me an example for the int option ?


Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

There is an example on the solution center.  Below is the link.


Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

i always get a NullReferenceException. but why ?

Tag[] parents = new Tag[100];
int n_parents;
allSelectedFeatures = edge_select0.GetSelectedObjects();
Ask_Parents.AskParents(allSelectedFeatures[0].Tag, NXOpen.UF.UFConstants.UF_SO_ASK_ALL_PARENTS, out n_parents, out parents);

Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

Make sure you are not passing in a null tag.  

Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

The Debugger Shows that allSelectedFeatures[0] gets a Tag. :/ Its a Number.

Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

But my Ask_Parents is null ? Why ?
public NXOpen.UF.UFSo Ask_Parents;

Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

May be this will work.

using System;

using NXOpen;

using NXOpen.UF;

class Ask_Parents


static Session s = Session.GetSession();

static UFSession ufs = UFSession.GetUFSession();

static ListingWindow lw = s.ListingWindow;

public static void Main()


NXObject theObj = null;

theObj = select_obj("Select Edge");

if (theObj.Tag != Tag.Null)


int num_parents=0;

int num_children = 0;

Tag[] pareant_feat_tags;

Tag[] child_feat_tags;

Tag[] parent_Tags;

ufs.Disp.SetHighlight(theObj.Tag, 0);

ufs.Modl.AskEdgeFeats(theObj.Tag, out parent_Tags);

for (int i=0; i


lw.WriteLine("Tag is " + parent_Tags[i].ToString());

ufs.Modl.AskFeatRelatives(parent_Tags[i], out
num_parents, out pareant_feat_tags,

out num_children, out child_feat_tags);

lw.WriteLine("Found " + num_parents.ToString() + "
parent features and "

+ num_children.ToString() + " child features");

for (int j = 0; j < num_parents; j++)

lw.WriteLine("Parent Feat tag is " + parent_Tags[j].




private static NXObject select_obj(string prompt)


UI theUI = UI.GetUI();

NXObject selobj;

Point3d cursor;

Selection.MaskTriple[] mask = new Selection.MaskTriple[1];

mask[0].Type = UFConstants.UF_solid_type;

mask[0].Subtype = UFConstants.UF_solid_body_subtype;

mask[0].SolidBodySubtype = UFConstants.UF_UI_SEL_FEATURE_ANY_EDGE;

Selection.Response resp = theUI.SelectionManager.SelectObject("Select
"+prompt, prompt,

Selection.SelectionScope.WorkPart, Selection.SelectionAction.
ClearAndEnableSpecific, false, true, mask, out selobj, out cursor);

if (resp == Selection.Response.ObjectSelected ||

resp == Selection.Response.ObjectSelectedByName)


return selobj;



return null;




Re: Block Styler UI ListBox of Parents C#

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Wow thank you very very much for your help !!
i'll try it !