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Block UI Styler - Can't find file *.dlx (env_var issue)


NX1855, NXOpen, VS2017


Hi, can someone let me know where to place the env variable for the *.dlx file to be found by NX upon execution of the DLL. 


I've tried:

UGII_USER_DIR=C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\block\block\bin\Debug (*in ugii_env_ug.dat)

UGII_USER_DIR=C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\block\block\bin\Debug\startup (*in ugii_env_ug.dat)


UGII_USER_DIR=C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\block\block\bin\Debug (*in custom_dirs.dat)

UGII_USER_DIR=C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\block\block\bin\Debug\startup (*in custom_dirs.dat)


Windows 10 > Environment variables > System Variables




^^ None of the above worked and still couldn't find the *.dlx file


If however I declared the path in the code, everything works fine. 

theSession = Session.GetSession();
theUI = UI.GetUI();
//theDlxFileName = "C:\\Users\\CWilson\\Desktop\\block\\block\\bin\\Debug\\BlocktestUI.dlx";   <=== works fine
theDlxFileName = "BlocktestUI.dlx";                                                            <=== does not work
theDialog = theUI.CreateDialog(theDlxFileName); theDialog.AddApplyHandler(new NXOpen.BlockStyler.BlockDialog.Apply(apply_cb)); theDialog.AddOkHandler(new NXOpen.BlockStyler.BlockDialog.Ok(ok_cb)); theDialog.AddUpdateHandler(new NXOpen.BlockStyler.BlockDialog.Update(update_cb)); theDialog.AddInitializeHandler(new NXOpen.BlockStyler.BlockDialog.Initialize(initialize_cb)); theDialog.AddDialogShownHandler(new NXOpen.BlockStyler.BlockDialog.DialogShown(dialogShown_cb));







Re: Block UI Styler - Can't find file *.dlx (env_var issue)


Ignore, found the solution.


1) Create a custom folder for the plugin e.g. C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\Custom

2) Add "application" e.g. C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\Custom\application\

3) Add "startup" e.g. C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\Custom\startup\

4) Save *.dlx into "application" folder

5) Save *.dll into "startup" folder

6) Add variable to custom plugin folder into ugii_env_ug.dat e.g. UGII_USER_DIR=C:\Users\CWilson\Desktop\Custom


and it works.



Betreff: Block UI Styler - Can't find file *.dlx (env_var issue)


NX searches in the subdirectory named appliction for the dlx files.





Edit: Smiley Happy to late

Jan Böttcher

Betreff: Block UI Styler - Can't find file *.dlx (env_var issue)

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

There is code available in this forum to embed the DLX file into the DLL, no more hassle ;-)

Search for Embedded_DLX to find it.

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Betreff: Block UI Styler - Can't find file *.dlx (env_var issue)



That would certainly work and make things easier to manage. I'll see if I can convert this idea into C# and make it work. 

Appreciate the heads up. I knew you could ILmerge dlls into exe but didn't know you could embed xml into a dll. Interesting, thanks to JimB Smiley Happy



Betreff: Block UI Styler - Can't find file *.dlx (env_var issue)


Found a way to get DLX to load without having to code too much. Although embedding the dlx works fine, this one only requires +2 extra lines of code to make it work. No need to set ugii_env variables, just place your blockUI's DLX in the same folder where the DLL is residing and done. Hope this helps anyone.


+: using System.IO; +: public static string pathToDLX = Path.GetFullPath(Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory)); \: theDlxFileName = pathToDLX + "\\BlocktestUI.dlx";