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Break all wave links

I'm sure its possible, but is there a journal, or something, that will break all of the wave links in a file?


Our policy, is to break the links before releasing, but some people forget, or if there are a lot of links, it can take awhile.  I'd like to automate it, if possible.

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‎03-10-2017 09:41 AM

Re: Break all wave links

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One sample code is available on GTAC. It is for displayed part only.


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Re: Break all wave links

Why break all the links?


Note (not sure you have a license) there is also an option to "freeze" WAVE links (so they are still attached, and won't update, but if you un-freeze them they will update automatically).  Note I don't think you can do this on individual links - either all links ina part are frozen, or none are.

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Re: Break all wave links

Too many headaches with live links.  People doing a "save as" on a file, which has live links to some other assembly.  Things then change in that assembly, and unexpected updates occur in the new file.


Personally, I have never seen live wave links work without problems, in the racing industry.  "Man law" has always been to "leave them live when working, but break before release, since they are easy enough to re-link".  Note, in some specific cases, we do leave them live.


I have a request in for the lilcense that will allow "freezing" too.

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Re: Break all wave links

You don't need any journal for that.

use the "interpart link browser"

Here you can review and break links in complete assembly



Re: Break all wave links

I believe that is part of the additional license, that I have the request in for.

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Re: Break all wave links

The relations browser as well as the link freezing feature are part of the wave license.

Generally the workflow would be as follows:

  • open the top assembly
  • walk through each component at all levels
  • break each linked feature you stumble across during your walk

In addition I would disable model updates while walking the assembly and breaking the links.

Sorry, no source code to share, we are strictly keeping links active and un-frozen.

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