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CAE.Caegroups usage

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  I'm having a hard time understanding / using it when I'm in a sim.  If I query the groups via


simPart = CType(basePart, CAE.SimPart)
groups = simPart.CaeGroups.ToArray

  and I have groups from the fem and local groups in the sim, I end up with a different list (ID wise) than the one exposed in NX.  I'll have one group from the fem with ID 1 and one as well from the sim.


  In the sim navigator, all groups have different IDs.  Any special way of querying the groups from the sim to endup with the exact same list?






Re: CAE.Caegroups usage

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The ID's in the navigator don't really matter in the API. There aren't any methods that take a Label as input when using groups.


You can use the IsOccurrence property to tell if the group is from the .sim (False) or from the parent .fem (True). If it is an occurrence, you can use the OwningComponent property to get the component that the group resides in.