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CAE Get results from Solution Manager


hello all, 


I was wondering if there is a method to get your results from your solution manager ( when simulation is finished ) , after we got the results I would do a small correction to the results and put them back for another simulation. Is this possible?

When it's not possible can you get the results from a running simulation and adjust the results at the same time?  


Thanks in advance




Re: CAE Get results from Solution Manager

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Siemens Phenom

Simcenter Post Processing works from the solver results file (results are never imported into the part file).


If the solver being used writes to the results file as an incremental solution progresses, you can open the file in Post to view the results to date.


There is no ability to modify the results in the original results file. Interactively, you can use Results Manipulation and Results Probe to perform calculations on results data. Depending on the options chosen, the results of these calculations can be saved in a Field or a Universal File.


The NX Open api provides full access to all results data. You can write your own functions to operate on this data in any manner. You would need to write code to save the quantities you calculated in a result file format.