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CaeGroup of ElementFaces


I have a Block Styler object selection that allows me to select some element faces. I would like to put these selected element faces in to a group. The group gets created, however it does not contain the element faces - it is empty.

element_faces = self.selection0.GetSelectedObjects()
group = self.workFemPart.CaeGroups.CreateGroup("element_faces ", 1, element_faces)

The group also does not appear in the Simulation Navigator/Groups. I can only see it if i right click - manage groups.

Manually creating a group of element faces works. The code in a recorded journal looks exactly the same.

Am i missing something?


Re: CaeGroup of ElementFaces

Looking at the NX11 refs for that function, I see a different signature, namely


CreateGroup(setName, objects)


Not sure why the journal would record it with a "1" in between, but I'd try without that.

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Re: CaeGroup of ElementFaces

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That signature is an overload added in NX 12 to allow the group label to be specified.


Note the requirements on the Label argument:


The group label must be >=0 and be unique


The code line shown has the label hard-coded to 1. If you are using this in a loop or if group 1 already exists, it may cause the issue you are seeing.


Note that removing the second argument will cause NX to use the next available label for the group.

Re: CaeGroup of ElementFaces


That was it! Thanks.


Unfortunately the element faces are not displayable if the group gets highlighted...

But anyway, now i can at least create a group to persistently remember element faces.