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Call of .NET from KF returns list

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Hello everyone!


I am experimenting with calling .net functions from KF. I was able to make it work, but one thing seems strange to me. While debugging my KF program I found that nx_ja_session_execute actually returns list. I found workaround by using first function, but I can't get rid of feeling that something is not right here. It it working as designed? Or maybe it is supposed to return number, and I merely have somehow screwed it up?


By the way. I am only starting to learn KF, so the code might be quite imperfect. If you have anything to advice regarding this code, feel free to! Smiley Happy


#! NX/KF 4.0

Defun: inv(
Description: #.Calculates involute of an angle.#
number  $angle  #.angle.#
) @
	first({nx_ja_session_execute(<path>, <class>, <method>, {$angle})});
} number;	
Returns: #.returns constant.#