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Can't Open Help in NX 9.0.



hello guys...

i am not to much aware about NX..

please help me to solve above error ...


how can i access help of nx ??


how can i access API of NX??


thanks in advaned....


Re: Can't Open Help in NX 9.0.

Hi @Harsh9592,

NX base installation do not include the NX Documentation/NX Help Library. You need to install it on top of the base installation.

You can also refer the online NX documentation here.


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Re: Can't Open Help in NX 9.0.



Thanks for your reply..


i have another problem that i am downloaded the NX .net API guide but it wasn't opened.


as shown in attached photo it was blank..


please help me to resolve this problem...


thanks in advanced !!

Re: Can't Open Help in NX 9.0.

The .NET API reference guide is formatted as a .chm file, which cannot be viewed over a network and must be installed and viewed locally on a system.

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Re: Can't Open Help in NX 9.0.

The first time that I downloaded the file and opened it, it was blank. I chalked it up to a download error and deleted the file. The second time I downloaded it, it loaded correctly.

Re: Can't Open Help in NX 9.0.

[ Edited ]

Select the chm file in Explorer. Right click, Properties.

Click on the unblock buttion


Open the file again