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Can we unload shared image by VB .Net?

Hi all


We all know there are three way to unload shared image...


'Unloads the image when the NX session terminates
' GetUnloadOption = NXOpen.Session.LibraryUnloadOption.AtTermination

'Unloads the image immediately after execution within NX
'GetUnloadOption = NXOpen.Session.LibraryUnloadOption.Immediately


'Unloads the image explicitly, via an unload dialog
GetUnloadOption = NXOpen.Session.LibraryUnloadOption.Explicitly


But sometime we have to choose GetUnloadOption = NXOpen.Session.LibraryUnloadOption.Explicitly for open a VB form with "", that could at the same time to select NX object and VB dialog, like we do part list with Datagridview.


Now I record a macro program to unload shared image, it no problem, but whether we have better way to achieve that? 

Best Regards
Accepted by topic author Christian0313
‎05-11-2016 02:05 AM

Re: Can we unload shared image by VB .Net?

Re: Can we unload shared image by VB .Net?

While that is a fine solution, why wouldn't you just call the UnloadNXLibrary() subroutine in the closing event of your windows form?  This avoids the issues with multiple threads.  I have just implemented this in a project I'm working on.