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Check if RSEvent is Active - how to?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

To all,


my question is showing my very limited of vba programming but I have to ask. It is related to a previously posted query:


While looping throught the Respponse Simulation (the solutions) (or the RSEvent)  I would like to check which event is active. The following function (property) should do it but I can't figure out how to set it up


Public Property ActiveEvent As RSEvent


Any help in expanding my very limited vba knowledge is welcome








Production: NX.CAE, NX.CAE
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)

Re: Check if RSEvent is Active - how to?

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Try this.


Option Strict Off
Imports System
Imports NXOpen

Module NXJournal
Sub Main (ByVal args() As String)

Dim theSession As Session = Session.GetSession()
Dim workSimPart As CAE.SimPart = CType(theSession.Parts.BaseWork, CAE.SimPart)

Dim displaySimPart As CAE.SimPart = CType(theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay, CAE.SimPart)

'Change it as accordingly.

Dim solution1 As CAE.ResponseSimulation.Solution = CType(workSimPart.Simulation.ResponseSimulationManager.Solutions.FindObject("Response Simulation 1"), CAE.ResponseSimulation.Solution)


Dim simSimulation1 As CAE.SimSimulation = CType(workSimPart.FindObject("Simulation"), CAE.SimSimulation)

'Make this response solution active.

simSimulation1.ResponseSimulationManager.Solutions.ActiveSolution = solution1

Dim rSEvent1 As CAE.ResponseSimulation.RSEvent

'Gets the active event.
rSEvent1 = solution1.ActiveEvent

Dim rSEvent2 As CAE.ResponseSimulation.RSEvent
rSEvent2 = solution1.CloneEvent(rSEvent1, Nothing)

'Sets the active event.

solution1.ActiveEvent = rSEvent1

End Sub
End Module


Re: Check if RSEvent is Active - how to?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

thansk for that. The test below seems to work


Dim strRSSolName as String = "RespSim1"  'user Input
Dim pathAFUFile as String
Dim RespSimSolFound As CAE.ResponseSimulation.Solution
Dim RespSimEventFound As CAE.ResponseSimulation.RSEvent
Dim rSEvent1 As CAE.ResponseSimulation.RSEvent
Dim theSimPart As CAE.SimPart = CType(theSession.Parts.BaseWork, CAE.SimPart)

Dim theRespSimManager As NXOpen.CAE.ResponseSimulation.Manager = theSimPart.Simulation.ResponseSimulationManager	

Dim AllRespSimSolutions As CAE.ResponseSimulation.Solution() = theRespSimManager.Solutions.ToArray()

'Search for active event	
For Each myRespSimCol As CAE.ResponseSimulation.Solution In AllRespSimSolutions
If myRespSimCol.GetSolutionName = strRSSolName Then
 RespSimSolFound = myRespSimCol
  'Gets the active event.
  RespSimEventFound = RespSimSolFound.ActiveEvent
  theLW.WriteLine("the active event is: " & RespSimEventFound.GetEventName)
  Exit For
End if

End Function


Production: NX.CAE, NX.CAE
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)