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CheckMate - Object Types

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi -


I have few question  regarding checkmate (nx8.5).


I have created a layer profile , where I parse in some differents object types into the checker:


The object types could be:

UF_datum_plane_type,UF_coordinate_system_type,UF_sketch_type,UF_line_type and others.


My question is: If I will check for , say datumplanes om correct layers , the checker also checks the three datum planes in the datum coordinate system. How can I avoid this. Only want to check for datum planes which is single features.


Same issue when I check for a curve on correct layer. It also checks for curves into sketches...

I only want to check for curves that not are part of sketch....


Anyone faced the same problem ?