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Compile Journal into a .dll

I want to compile a journal into a .dll file that can be run from a button on the NX UI. I currently don't have access to the help files so I couldn't look there on how to accomplish this. Can somebody tell me how to do this?


Re: Compile Journal into a .dll

The help is available on the Siemens PLM web site. Start with the following:


  1. Compiling and Linking Overview in the NX Open Programmer's Guide
  2. Chapter 3 of the Getting Started with SNAP Guide

Re: Compile Journal into a .dll

I may not have a license to compile into a .dll actually, I didn't realize that before. However, can I still run a journal from the menu? How could I do that?

Re: Compile Journal into a .dll

Have a look through the MenuScript docs. With MenuScript, you can create your own custom menus; the new menu items can be used to fire off your own custom code (compiled .dll or journal).

Re: Compile Journal into a .dll

Okay, so I am having trouble understanding exactly how I am supposed to do this. In the Documentation says there is a MenuScript API? I am not sure where that is? Are there other options as to ho I can do this, or os the API the only way to go?


What I am trying to do is place one of my journals on a network drive, so other people can run it through NX without having to open the journal in the journaling editor. I thought creating a button might be the better way to go.

Re: Compile Journal into a .dll

NX version = ?


I'd suggest downloading the appropriate (ex-Rob Cohon) customized environment & look thru that to understand how to set up customizations on a network drive so all users share them.






Menuscript is documented (NX10 docs, similar places for other revs).  Note in NX10 programming tools docs are not loaded by default, you have to specifically change one of the dialogs during install to get them

Programming tools -> Menuscript User's Guide

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Re: Compile Journal into a .dll

Thanks that worked!