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Connection between two UI Blocks

Hi Everyone,


I try to use an UI Block to select which step should follow. For this I use the toggle funktion of the IU Block Styler. I Also have an other UI Block for the following step. Both UI Blocks seperatly are working.


But I didn't find out how it is possible to open the following step by set a mark on a toggle in the firtst UI Block. It would be great if anybody can help me out.






Re: Connection between two UI Blocks

It is not possible to open a second Block UI Styler dialog from the first one from several of the various block types.


We have documented the failure for these specific controls as part of a Problem Report submitted to development for resolution:


 It DOES work if you launch the second dialog from the update callback for an action button.  

Re: Connection between two UI Blocks

How is it possible to launch the second Dialog? Do I need a special licence?

Re: Connection between two UI Blocks

[ Edited ]

It only uses the same licenses that were required to launch the first dialog.


We have an example program on the Solution Center called "Sample NX Open .NET C# program : post second block styler dialog from an action button in another".  You can find it easily if you search for nx_api5734.


There is also a VB version under nx_api3947.

Re: Connection between two UI Blocks

Ok thanks, i'll have a look at the VB version.

Re: Connection between two UI Blocks

Note that UI designs requiring multiple levels of dialogs are not encouraged.


Better practice is to control the visibility (via the Show boolean attribute) of a Group or Tab block based on the toggle status. This can easily be done in the Update callback.

Re: Connection between two UI Blocks

This can be easily done by calling the Show() function of the second dialog in the update callback of the toggle in the first dialog.