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Connection to CAE solution monitor

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is there a way to connect to the CAE solution monitor and plot own graphs or data?

I only found this information in documentation: 

The Solution Monitor is based in part on the work of the Qwt project (

Which isn't very helpful.

In the API documentation the solution monitor isn't mentioned.


I cannot see a way to get access to it. I guess that the executable lays in following folder: \NX 11.0\UGSTRUCTURES\caesolvermonitor\cae_solver_monitor.exe


First I tried access to the file itself:

- From windows explorer by double click an error message appears.

- With windows command shell nothing happens. Even a -help parameter did not get any answer from that file.


Then I tried a socket connection:

- After starting a CAE job the monitor shows up with a status message like: "data client connected at port 50111".

- A socket connection with localhost ip and that port number connects successful, but didn't get any data with a recieve function. I guess the monitor only show data and did not send anything. So next was to send data like a string or a number to the monitor, but the data did not show up there.


Does anyone tried to get access to the monitor or has any experience?


I am using NX/Simcenter 11. 





Re: Connection to CAE solution monitor

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Siemens Phenom

There is currently no API available to connect to the solution monitor in this manner.