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Copy STEP file from native into Teamcenter

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

This question was posed to me this morning, and I'm sure it can be done, I'm just not sure how to catagorize, or much else.  I clearly can't record a macro within NX.


Basically, we ahve a group that is going to output STEP files from a piece of software that is not managed by Teamcenter.  Then they would like those files to be copied into Teamcenter.  They would be created in a single directory, so the script would monitor that, see a new file, and copy it.  Maybe delete it, once copied.  I do not know if they want to put all the files in a single folder within Teamcenter, or under items/item revisions that match the name...this is very early on discussion.


So any insight, on what I can tell them, regarding the type of resource, or direction they will need to go, to accomplish this?  Would I be better of asking in the Teamcenter admin group?

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Re: Copy STEP file from native into Teamcenter

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Yes, this is a TC thing...

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