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Create Drawing View Example, VB.NET/SNAP

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am trying to search for some examples to create views using VB.NET/SNAP. I tried to google but I only found one example for solidEdge


If anyone has some examples, please help me out.


Re: Create Drawing View Example, VB.NET/SNAP


Below is an example of adding top view to current drawing on Solution Center.


Re: Create Drawing View Example, VB.NET/SNAP

Even I have not found any useful VB journal on Solution Center (GTAC) to create multiple views in the drawing.


I have recorded the journal using 'View Creation Wizard' command, but while running the journal I stuck with the following error.




Then I used 'Base View' command while recording the journal to create different multiple views, it is working without any problem.


Ganesh Kadole, QA Analyst (PLM), SQS
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