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Create Item and create relationship with another Item

Hello everybody!


I use NX 11 managed mode.

Is it possible to create a custom Item (a type is existed in Teamcenter) via NXOpen and create relation with another Item?


With best regards,



Re: Create Item and create relationship with another Item


Hello @AntonKavalerov,

In general, you sould look at the NXOpen:Smiley TongueDM classes for these kinds of needs.

Regarding the need to create a custom item type, there isn't any problem with for example the part builders NXOpen:Smiley TongueDM:Smiley TongueartFromPartBuilder.

If you've got some need to impart part or dataset, you'll find some methods in NXOpen:Smiley TongueDM subclasses.

The need to create relation between two items is more tricky. As far as I know, you do not have any direct solution. When I encountered this need a while back ago, I had to use a custom ITK handler triggered by my NXOpen automation with UF_UGMGR_invoke_pdm_server().

It's not light but it's working really well.

Best regards,



PS : the smiley stands for : and P, do not how to change this...