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Create a line at Minimum distance b/w 2 splines


Hi All;


I Need to create a line at the point which measures minimum distance between 2 splines;

So i have choose to use measureDistance builder in measureDistanceBuilder1.AnnotationMode = NXOpen.MeasureBuilder.AnnotationType.CreateLine;


But how do i get the points to create a line at minimum distance?


Any Help!

Thanks FL;


Re: Create a line at Minimum distance b/w 2 splines

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I had a quick look at the documentation for the measureDistanceBuilder object. The point information is probably buried somewhere within its properties, but it sure wasn't obvious where.


You could make use of one of the AskMinimumDist functions (UF.Modl. AskMinimumDist, .AskMinimumDist2, or .AskMinimumDist3); these functions readily give up the "point on object" information.

Re: Create a line at Minimum distance b/w 2 splines

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

It's easy using the SNAP ClosestPoints function


      Dim s1 = <some spline>
      Dim s2 = <some other spline>

      Dim result As Snap.Compute.DistanceResult = Snap.Compute.ClosestPoints(s1, s2)

      Dim p1 As Position = result.Point1
      Dim p2 As Position = result.Point2

      Snap.Create.Line(p1, p2)


Without SNAP, the easiest approach is to use NXOpen.UF.Modl.AskMinimumDist3, as Cowski suggested:


      Dim ufs As NXOpen.UF.UFSession = NXOpen.UF.UFSession.GetUFSession

      Dim workPart As NXOpen.Part = NXOpen.Session.GetSession.Parts.Work

      Dim s1 As NXOpen.Spline = <some spline>
      Dim s2 As NXOpen.Spline = <some other spline>

      Dim opt = 2
      Dim noGuess As Integer = 0
      Dim guessPt As Double() = Nothing
      Dim dist As Double
      Dim p1(2) As double
      Dim p2(2) As Double
      Dim accuracy As Double

      ufs.Modl.AskMinimumDist3(opt, s1.Tag, s2.Tag, noGuess, guessPt, noGuess, guessPt, dist, p1, p2, accuracy)
      Dim pt1 As New NXOpen.Point3d(p1(0), p1(1), p1(2))
      Dim pt2 As New NXOpen.Point3d(p2(0), p2(1), p2(2))

      workPart.Curves.CreateLine(pt1, pt2)