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Create an Password Protected VB Code


I have written some VB code and constantly using it my Computer .

I have some many macros and VB code created as shortcut in my NX Window.

I would like to share it with other people but i dont want the code to be shared .

How would give them like a role and or an icon so that anybody can run that macro/vb without able to read/write the code.


Suggest Please


Accepted by topic author DineshBabu
‎03-07-2017 06:50 AM

Re: Create an Password Protected VB Code


Why dont you convert your VB into .dll or .exe using Visual Studio, where you dont need to worry about changes made to code by any one. Since .dll or .exe cannot be edited.




Re: Create an Password Protected VB Code

Thanks for reply.

I wonder if i could have 10 journels in my PC and i assign  10 command buttons to it (for easy understanding as an icon in the tool bar) and each have a path file to it.


Now i would like to give those 10 command buttons to the nearest colleague as role.Now say i have converted them as .dll or .exe file (unreadeable/uneditable by him).But i have assign all 10 command button paths to him which makes life complicated when more numbers are there.


I would like to export them as role /whatever possible method and assign the same on his PC but without assigning the path for all.


Is there any possible way of doing it?


As when you open NX i would like to find all the shortcut i have created (10 command buttons) and they should be propobly working on any number of system without any clue for anyone how does it work.(Same as NX buttons)


Suggestions are welcomed the most.


Re: Create an Password Protected VB Code

Re: Create an Password Protected VB Code

See "Customizing the NX Interface using files" in the online help: